Signal, Handheld Retinal Camera

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The Signal, handheld retinal camera, is a versatile addition to the Topcon Imaging line.

Ključne lastnosti

  • true color fundus images
  • mobile imaging solution
  • elegant design

The Signal, handheld retinal camera, is a versatile addition to the Topcon Imaging line. The Signal handheld retinal camera is a mobile imaging solution to bring to different exam rooms or home settings. The Signal hand held retinal camera offers true color fundus images for detailed retinal examination.

The Signal enables non-mydriatic retinal examination with a 500 by 400 field of view, covering the macula and the disc. It is not necessary to dilate pupils. True color images and videos offer excellent screening and documentation of the retina. The nine fixation targets offer both central as well as peripheral imaging.

The Signal handheld retinal camera is ultra-lightweight and compact. The whole system fits into a smart looking carrying case. The eye care specialist can visit bedridden patients in nursing homes, or at their own home. The Signal has an operating time of approximately 5 hours of continuous use. Images can be uploaded if WiFi is available or can be stored on the Signal embedded memory.

Ease of Use
The auto focus function of the Signal assures easy and fast image acquisition. In combination with the Topcon slit lamp adapter, positioning and alignment becomes even more effortless. Intuitive icons give access to easy to use menus in the camera.

Pediatric and geriatric Ophthalmology
Babies, small children and elderly patients are sometimes difficulties to capture with a stationary retinal camera. The maneuverability of the Signal makes it more easy to take images of a uncooperative child. .IR focusing beam hardly scares of children due to the low brightness and intensity.  Elderly patients can be screened easily in a reclined or lying position.

Slit Lamp Mount
Slit lamp are a standard instrument in most clinics. The Signal can be quickly and easily mounted at a slit lamp adding fundus imaging to the patient workflow.

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